All You Need to Know about Cinderella Solution: Is it Safe for You?

All You Need to Know about Cinderella Solution: Is it Safe for You?
All You Need to Know about Cinderella Solution: Is it Safe for You?

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As a woman, it is important that you feel great within yourself. Human body tends to change with time and different physical experiences, and women face it more often because of many biological reasons. Every woman wants to be attractive throughout her whole life but many cannot afford to do that because either of the time she has to engage in or the duties she has to fulfill. The Cinderella Solution is now very much popular to lose weight at a fast pace. It is also known for zero side effects. The Cinderella Solution also does not encourage the intake of any kind of drugs or performing any extreme kind of exercise in order to lose weight. In this article, we will discuss various facts about the Cinderella Solution and the pros and cons of the whole programme.

Cinderella Solution

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What is the ‘Cinderella Solution’?

Cinderella Solution is basically a weight loss programme which is very much unique in its nature. It mainly focuses on the functions within the body which is responsible for unhealthy weight gain. It only targets the muscles and the body parts where a woman needs to reduce her weight. There are some simple exercises for abdomen, buttocks and hips. As a result, your body will maintain the necessary hormones which prevent from unnatural weight gain in the future. It is not so time consuming process; and it is scientifically researched and medically proven. Sticking to the Cinderella Solution will fetch you great results.

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How Does It Work On Your Body?

Cinderella Solution heals the ICE dysfunction of your body where there is some imbalance of the insulin hormone. It is very beneficial for women who want to live their life without any hindrance by just eating healthy and exercising regularly. You need to follow a diet and exercise plan. If you are more than 30 years old and want to lose as much as 10 pounds then the Cinderella Solution is best for you. It aims to restore and balance your hormonal levels and maintain your optimum weight.

You will be explained about the food and nutrients which you need to eat and how often you need to follow the routine. It is a carefully drawn routine and you will not feel cheated once you follow the regimen carefully and finish it after some months. Once you finish, you will feel fit and motivated within you and return to your desired shape.

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Things You Will Learn in The Cinderella Solution:

You will learn a lot of things which you probably have been doing wrong over the years. There are many few of these things; namely:

  • You will learn to balance your diet between starch and carbohydrates while you maintain your weight balance.
  • How you can target specific areas to lose your weight.
  • You will also learn about an exercise named ‘movement sequencing’, which is far better than cardiovascular exercise.
  • You will also learn why having dessert helps more in weight loss.
  • You will also learn about the right times to take your meal and how the right foods will maintain a healthy level of metabolism in your body.
  • You will also learn the right time and amount to drink alcohol. The Cinderella solution will also show you how your weight does not get affected while you drink.
  • You will also learn about the techniques and the basics to extend your lifespan up to 22% than any other average person.

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Features and Benefits of Cinderella Solution:

So you have learnt many things in detail about the Cinderella Solution and how it provides a balance between your hormones so you can get into shape. You also need to know a basic thing that this solution is only applicable to women as it is tailor suited for the body and weight pattern of women. Women’s body is very much different than men, so this regimen would not suit to any men. Unlike other weight loss programmes, Cinderella Solution does not encourage you to take up difficult workout routine or give you any false hopes. This regimen is rather a combination of some fitness activities stitched with a healthy diet chart that is beneficial for the female body.

When you start with the Cinderella Solution, you will gradually go through some simple steps. The steps are the following: Permanent Weight Loss Mini Course, Movement Sequencing Guide, a Blueprint of Daily Diet and also a video guide for exercising. These are specifically designed for the assimilation in female body and ensures that you lose weight quickly, safely and remain healthy. The solution is divided into four parts which are discussed below.

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Part 1: Explanation of the Program in Short:

Chapter 1: Losing weight both from inside and outside (Where and how you need to get started)

Chapter 2: The Rituals of Weight Loss (Food Coupling, Flavour Pairing, Timing of Nutrition and Slim sequencing Exercise)

Chapter 3: Ignite and Launch (Basically a 2-phase approach; Phase 1 being the Ignite phase and phase 2 being the launch phase)



Part 2: Following the Daily Diet Blueprint:

Chapter 4: Cinderella Tools (These are nothing but some routine you need to follow for your food habit; namely the 14 day calendar, Plans for your daily meal and Bonus recipes, in case you want to eat something you lobe the most)

Chapter 5: Macros and Food pairing Rituals (Prime Proteins, Royal Fats, Power Carbs and Angel Carbs)

Chapter 6: Meal Timing and Frequency (It deals with 3 concepts; The Ignite plan, which tells you to eat 3 times a day, the Launch plan which tells you to eat 4 times a day and finally, the ideal time to have these meals)


Part 3: Create Meal of Your Own and Pair Flavour

It is a 3-step instruction guide which blends with the Ignite and Launch meal pairing and tells about the portion which you need to eat. ‘Food and portion blocks’ is another concept in this part. Here you can choose what to eat and how much to eat.

Part 4: The Combinations Between Flavour Pairs and Weight Loss

Now look at the topics that have been covered in the manual in the Cinderella Solution Weight Loss System.


The Manual of Cinderella Solution:

The main manual will tell you more about losing weight through various facts and techniques which you probably did not know earlier. The second chapter will show you how to have food in a healthy manner, in which time you need to have your meal and how you need to do food pairing. The information you receive in this second chapter will actually help you to put together the delicious meals and the foods you need to eat to maintain your balance.

The next section will teach you about some awesome tools in the Cinderella Solution. The plan includes daily meal plan, 14 day calendar and also some additional information on the recipes of food you need to eat during the regimen. The numbers of delicious food items that are included in this list are mind-blowing and you can surely try some during your exercise days. The next part talks about the various exercises that you need to perform during this period. There are a number of exercises you can try to lose your unwanted weight. The importance of exercise in the Cinderella Solution to lose weight is also thoroughly mentioned in this section of the manual.

The most important part of this manual is the daily nutrition blueprint. This comes as a bonus item with the manual and is 98 pages long. You can use this resource to prepare different kinds of delicious dishes which will help you maintain your weight balance during the exercise period. The food items are also very quick to prepare. So if you are a working professional, it would not take much of your time to prepare these dishes.

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Cost of Cinderella Solution:

Now that you know everything about Cinderella Solution fitness regimen, you must know the price of the whole kit. The Cinderella Solution kit is very much cost effective and costs only $37. All the items that are mentioned before will be delivered at your doorstep via online method. The fast delivery option ensures that you can start with the fitness exercise as soon as possible. The Cinderella Solution also assures full refund if you do not feel any change in your body.

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In the end, it is safe to say that you would not feel duped after trying the whole fitness exercise programme. You can always give it a try to maintain your body weight without sacrificing delicious food or engaging in difficult exercises. It is free of any kinds of medication or surgery and it is assured that Cinderella Solution has no side effects. Many women have tried the Cinderella Solution and has gained 100% effective results. So if you want to feel healthy and fit and want to trim out excess fat from your body, try Cinderella Solution today.

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