Vooluu Green Protein Shake Review – Don’t buy Before Reading

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I bet most of us eat all the day unknown of the fact that what a normal human body requires to function in best stage, at least threshold if not the best.

No one thinks that If we are missing something continuously from our nutrition that could affect things in silent ways without us being awared of the things.

But yes, on long term basis we start feeling deficiency as well as over consuming something in our bodies. Talking about nutrition, protein is the most difficult to get from normal foods. It is not commonly present in every food as well as play very important role in maintaining body If you want to keep yourself fit which 95 percent of people not are today.

Except the proteins among all nutrients such as carbs, fats, and other minerals are much and easily gettable from the common foods such as wheat, oats, tofu, green vegetables, fruits, etc. But the problem here is what to send in place of protein? of course nothing, because there is no replacement for anything, and yet every kind has its own importance.


In the above phrase we have discussed some problems. Now, you will be detailed about

Vooluu“, one of the most powerful shake which is organic and protein rich with almost an array of all powerful nutrients which plays an important role in influencing changes in our body physically along with improving mental health and positive approach towards our body.

If you weren’t aware of Vooluu before, describing it very specifically, it is basically a manufacturer of nutritional supplement that brings forward very natural and nutritional products and promotes fitness on its best. This is sustainably ethical company.

Briefing about the products:

This company proudly uses highly superior and very concentrated ingredients just to make it delicious enough for you to take it inside, extremely vegan. Other than green protein shake, the main product is chocolate bars which helps you loosing your weight and fastening your metabolism rate.

What is Green Protein Shake ?

As the name depicts, it provides you with daily dose consisting of organic greens along with micronutrients and yes, of course richest in natural proteins specially for vegans as it contains pea protein from yellow peas. This is considered as most digestible of any plant proteins which makes it an  alternative to soy or dairy. It does not make any stomach issues.

This blend also have hemp protein and brown rice protein as well which are very good sources of amino acids. Along with that this blend includes amaranth flour and also quinoa sprout to give you the other left nutrients so that you can start your day effectively.

Of course it is not a limit to simple protein blend. This blend also contains sea vegetable and organic algae blend as well which helps you to intake all minerals and vitamins from a diverse variety of veggies in one. 

Ingredients of Vooluu – Green Protein Shake

Talking about the breakdown of key ingredients which makes Vooluu protein effective enough contains-

  1. Barley – This is not used in much quantity as it takes care of only digestive system of user and this is kind of a green grass.
  2. Pea Protein – As discussed earlier, it is deprived from yellow pea again. Again, this is very digestible and anyone can consume it who even have digestible complications.
  3. Sprouted Brown Rice – This is unpolished rice which is germinated is used for adding natural flavours in supplement and can also be considered as food grain. This is very rich in amino acids.
  4. Hemp Protein – If you have heard about legumes, this hemp seed is not any different from other legumes. It contains more than even twenty amino acids. Speciality of this hemp seed is that it includes some proteins which can not even be produced by the body naturally. Hemp seeds do not require any chemical enhancement as it grows naturally.
  5. Cabbage – Cabbage includes zinc, vitamin B2 and magnesium. This also helps you to digest protein and helps fighting infections like ulcers.
  6. Amaranth Floor – Amaranth flour is gluten free which is very rich in important amino acids.
  7. Broccoli – It is very good antioxidant and also this ingredient is very rich in vitamin C.
  8. Chlorella – Chlorella supplies our body the protein, magnesium and zinc.
  9. Spirulina – This is an algae type which includes vitamin B and a small amount of protein.

Reasons to go for it:

  • Easy and fast preparation – This protein shake doesn’t need any lengthy or complex method to get prepared. You just need to take some water and add one scoop in it to make it drinkable. You can carry it along with you and can consume any time in a day.
  • Overall health booster – Collectively, it promotes the ideal growth and develops the healthy body working on each part of body.
  • Weight loss – This supplement can remove some of the toxic compounds which are making us overweight. So, it can also be considered as organic weight loss supplement.
  • Mental clarity – This supplement also boost brain performance. Your memory will improve, and you will realize that you will focus on your tasks more.
  • Reduces depression and stress – Some of its ingredients lowers stress level and promotes a healthy feeling of happiness.
  • Skin health – It contains Spirulina which has some compounds that helps you to have smooth and healthy skin.
  • Cholesterol levels – It has very less levels of cholesterol which means you are eligible to take it even in diabetes and even if you have heart related diseases.
  • Taste – Apart from giving such benefits to your health, this protein is also very delicious in taste.

There are some more types of protein shakes that you can go through but according to the reviews and approvals, this Vooluu Protein Shake has been rated the most among and does not contain any dangerous chemicals like other shakes which can harm you in different ways. With all benefits, it does not require any juicing and without any kind of mess or disturbing grocery bills, it is ready-to-take product and already contains all kind of veggies nutrients.

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